Monday, April 6, 2015

Here is old stuff

I haven't posted to this blog in quite sometime but today as I was uploading some images to my PhotoShelter account for a client, a thought occurred to me I thought I would pass on here.

A client called and asked for some images. I had them on my laptop that I had with me. This MacBook Pro is running the latest Mac OS X. I forgot that there seems to be some bug in uploading to PhotoShelter with this latest OS, at least for me. It seems to never upload or if it does takes forever.

My work-around has been to use one of my XSERVE's which is running MAC OS X Snow Leopard Server. I seem to have no trouble using Safari and the PhotoShelter uploader on the webpage. Loads quick, no problems, gets the job done.

And it is this use of older technology that occurred to me earlier. I think it's always a good idea to keep a computer running older software just for times like this. It saved my bacon no doubt. I would not have been able to upload these images and they HAD to be at the clients today for publication in the magazine which goes to press tomorrow. If I couldn't have gotten them to the client in time, the entire job would be pointless.

So here's to Snow Leopard Server software, old XSERVE hardware and a new MacBook Pro all working together!

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