Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a constant fight

Yesterday, I was diving on Manchones Reef, just off Isla Mujers, Mexico. Along with me were six beginner divers, really tourists, who were doing their first dive. I was amazed at how careless they were on the reef. One was stung by fire coral right away. In some ways, I guess fire coral is a good thing.

One of the stops along this dive was to view two of Jason Taylor's amazing underwater sculptures. These sculptures purpose is to relive the traffic on the natural reef by becoming an artificial reef. In doing so, the tourists can visit the sculptures and the natural reef can repair itself, hopefully. One problem I saw, the instant one of the beginner divers saw the first sculpture, she swam over to it and wrapped her arms around it, posing for a photo. And in doing so, cleaned off a few months of algae/coral growth.
It made me realize the constant fight the marine life here has with us. I guess in some ways it is good that we "set aside" areas in Manchones for tourists to view (and destroy) and we also try to make a reef out of art for the tourists to view. There must be a balance. Individuals can make a difference. Every individual that thinks their one little kick, touch or break of coral doesn't make a difference doesn't understand the power of an individual.

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