Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day Six - Video Day one

Ten Years ago today started the first of many days I had to photograph on the video set. Part of the ancillaries to the textbook was a video novella. The story line was Paul is a stalker of young boys and girls. No wait... that was a different video. if I recall correctly, there was... actually I really don't remember. I know Paul played a character set to observe some students who unbeknownst the them were in line for a scholarship I think. Something like this. Anyway, for part of the project, I made images on set for use in the textbook. Here are a few out-takes from the next five days of video shoots. One of my favorite memories was a day or so into the shoot, the neighbors of the house we were using started raise hell. Complaining about the noise, the cars the people. This house was located inside a walled neighborhood of eight or so other houses. This is as best I can remember it. Anyway, it was like the villagers revolted and so finally to calm them down and resume production, they each received some cash. I just remember the next day they all were so nice, smiles everywhere, we were so welcomed - one guy in his new suit of clothes walking by smiling and waving. Pretty funny day.
video day one - Images by Don Couch

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